Thursday, November 17, 2011

Defying Programmed to Fail

I announced this blog on Saturday 29 October, 2011 and an interesting development immediately cropped on Monday 31 October, 2011. Never mind the details. Way back in 2007, I run another blog ICT Consumer Defender whose last post was, really, just a link to a news article published on Wednesday, August 8, 2007. Later ceased posting to the blog for reasons explained at the Second Internet Governance Forum at Rio,Brazil.

Before proceeding, it's fair to confess that when thought of the to title this post I googled the phrase “Programmed to Fail” which landed me on,“ explanation for teachers and parents of why it is that teaching children to learn from teachers simply makes them dependent on the ability of their teachers to communicate ideas. Whilst this is nearly always successful at first, as children grow older and the concepts they have to understand become more important, more and more children find that they are failing - and that they do not know why. This is when we tend to explain that they 'lack aptitude'. This attitude is particularly ruinous in maths and other sciences. The truth is that letting them become dependent on their teachers' abilities rather than improving their own means that they are literally programmed to fail," by The Institute of Democracy from Mathematics.

Colin Hannaford - the author, starts by describing himself, “It is quite possible that you may also want to know a little about me and about my life, although in truth I have always been quite unimportant. As may be obvious by now, I was born quite a few years ago, in Plymouth, England, around the time when the German Luftwaffe was trying almost daily to bomb it, or burn it, to the ground.”

But while we distinguish between parenting that enables a child to be their best and subsequent support to enable them achieve own aspirations, The paragraph speaks to adults' failure to teach children to think for themselves and instead turning them into eternal dependants of their teachers old school thinking, even after the world changed and all things are different. Resulting in kids forced to dress in artificial “success” often uncomfortable where they lack requisite knowledge and life skills to perform hosts of their designated tasks.

The daddy's and mummy's boy or girl cannot do anything on their own but instead ever rush to their (god) father or mother to fix *everything* broken or not going as expected. And when favourite kids are threatened with irrelevancy, special custom-made jobs are carved out perfectly fitting their description and which no-one, absolutely no one else, can take.

The resultant scenario forms a societal legacy of inheritance for power, money and control manifested in entwined politics, business and fuelled by instruments of mass communications. Emerge “approved” and “appointed ones” from family X or Y operating outfit Z etc things are kept under wraps for empire legacy safety and control reinforced. Social injustice perpetuated and the subjects are forced or made to believe that there is nothing they can do to change their predicament and reclaim their future.

In the Empire's golden days the Choir Master always chose which tune should be played, when it was convenient and for how long it should be played. The master program was designed to easily eliminate them but for some reason, apparently why is it not working?

This bug on was discovered by a group of programmers calling themselves “civil society.” They set out to debunk autocratic societal inheritances by never ceasing to scream at the slightest sight of any injustice. They are a detested lot by the corporation and establishment interests. They are fearless and speak out clear pointing out that they are not dependants of the spoilt gains. Their success is in spite of, not due to, the system.

All it takes for evil to triumph is for the good people to do nothing.

A long time ago leaned ”First they came for the communists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew. Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me, " from Pastor Martin Niemöller

But now that things are different “Plan B” - Everything must be done to vanquish their petulant disturbances to the vast empire built over many years by current powers holders' forefathers must be invoked. Everything possible must be done to protect the grand money power and control legacy.

Aware that its always easier for a parent to pass their own inadequacies to their siblings, for example, if went to school on bare feet the parents buys endless pairs of shoes for the child and a chauffeur is designated to take young Prince (or Princess) everywhere they please? Because the parent was ever broke at school then their children are loaded with untold sums of cash on their way to school?

Conclude by begging answers to the question, should a parent raise their child educating them on the reality of prevailing evil in society and teach them to avoid its perpetrators or should the parent paint a hunky-dory – smell no evil, see no evil, hear no evil "life's good" attitude or should they start very early explaining the truth to prepare the child to confront when they grow up?

The most humorous part is played by such an individual when purporting to be the “role model” preaching values and morals claiming to be inspiring hopeless peoples. It is in deed laughable.

When as a child raised in my rural village there were two prominent persons the community automatically called upon to preside one over weddings while the other on funerals. If the weddings man was not appointed as the Master of Ceremony at a given wedding, the invited guest asked why the experienced “MC” was not the one presiding over the function? Such weddings wee not considered “complete” due to the absence of the renowned personality cracking jokes while dispensing his ritual marital advisories in experienced doses.

Mourners at funerals where protagonist “most mournful” Master of Ceremony was absent felt like they did not “properly escort” the departed to fully rest in eternal peace. When this person attended a wedding, he was somewhat received with “you remind us of sorrow” unspoken kind of looks while “the weddings man” played minimal roles at those funeral he could not avoid.

My fellow villagers had been programmed to think “joyful moments” as equivalent to one individual and “soothing condoling” in terms of another different person.

This society programming involves projecting the convenient powers-that-be imagery of one person then reinforcing it with overt and covert innuendos, insinuations. Later on prominent sympathies are delivered by the very architects of the victims calamities whom had schemed Legacy Empires systems protectioninst strategies in dark corners on in hashed tones.

Nothing frightens these people than the Internet for its ability to make an individual express their opinion and views to the whole world. Which reveal little secrets thought well secure. Free of top down controlled Legacy Media, not influenced by commerical advertisment revenues, independent of compromised intermediaries.

Then tables turn around, conniving plots botched, schemes falls apart and the hunters becomes the hunted. Following their failed plots, now haunted individuals become extremely dangerous- best avoided since their subsequent reactions are unpredictable. Where impossible to completely avoid them, please, give them soft landing grounds.

But programming and debugging continue since is a lifelong undertaking.

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